1982 Setlist

1982 - Setlist

As far as we know, the 1982 setlist was the same from show to show, with very slight variations. There was the full concert list, and a shortened list that was used at festivals and dates where TH was allotted less time to play.

Full setlist...

Psycho Killer
Love -> Building on Fire
Big Blue Plymouth
Once in a Lifetime
My Big Hands
Big Business
I Zimbra
Houses in Motion
What a Day That Was
Life During Wartime
Encore 1: Take Me To The River
Encore 2: Crosseyed and Painless

In the later part of the tour (mid-August through September), Slink moved up in the order and was played between My Big Hands and Big Business.

The setlist was shortened at some shows, at least according to tapes we have...

Wembley: cut Love -> Building On Fire
US Festival: cut Crosseyed & Painless
Torhout, Werchter, Montreaux, and Bologna: cut Love -> Building On Fire, and Crosseyed & Painless
Milan: cut Love -> Building On Fire, Big Blue Plymouth, and Crosseyed & Painless

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