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The Talking Heads Concert History list started as a way to catalog tapes, then expanded to include information on concerts that were performed by the band while they were touring, between 1975 and 1984.

Where does all this concert information come from?
It was collected from ticket stubs, memorabilia on ebay, posters, old tapes, newspaper articles, concert reviews, college yearbooks, eyewitness accounts, and from all over the weber-tubes.

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No! There are 100's of sites where you can do that. Get off your butt and get a membership at Dime.

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Yes! We love to receive new info and will update the blog with changes. Please send TH concert dates, ticket stub scans, etc to our email talkingheadsconcerthistoryATgmailDOTcom

How do I read the dates lists?
Each year has its own list. Dates in [brackets] are for shows that did not happen. Dates including ?question marks? refer to incomplete information; these are placed in logical parts of the list, but it's only a guess until we get better info.

Is this thing ever updated?
Yup! Check back because new info is added from time to time and as we receive it. BIG THANKS to all the fans who have generously emailed with new info! Thanks for your contributions! Last update: 05/08/21

What does info in the "Recording" column mean?
Notations refer to known concert recordings that are circulating digitally, either as FLACs or WAVs (CDRs) or MP3s. "AUD" means an audience-made recording, "SBD" means a soundboard recording made from the band's mixing board or PA system, and "FM" means a SBD feed that was broadcast over the radio. "VID" refers to videos, these are generally available on Youtube for viewing.

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1984...and beyond. Most people think the band stopped touring in 1983 after Stop Making Sense was shot in LA. But there were actually these few early 1984 shows. Read Tina's comments here: 

Date Venue City State Country Recording Comment
[January 25, 1984] see note

The widely circulated "Nature's Way Milwaukee" bootleg is actually the Stop Making Sense tracks from Westwood-1 radio special
January 28, 1984 Narara Festival Somersby

January 30, 1984 Sports & Entertainment Centre Melbourne

January 31, 1984 Sports & Entertainment Centre Melbourne

February 4, 1984 Sweetwaters North Festival Pukekawa
February 6, 1984 Sweetwaters South Festival, QE2 Park Christchurch
Tina calls the final show the worst they ever did
Dates Beyond…

July 17, 1989 The Ritz New York NY USA VID David & Jerry joined the Tom Tom Club for the end of their concert
March 18, 2002 R&RHoF Induction Ceremony New York NY USA VID Final performance…….…………………………?


1983 was the famous year in terms of TH live concerts, the year of the big suit. Most people find this tour to be the most memorable, while it also introduced 1000s of new fans to the band and their music. At the time, no one thought it would be their final big tour...

Date Venue City State Country Recording Comment
July 8, 1983 NBC Studios Rockefeller Center New York NY USA VID David Letterman Show; Burning Down the House & I Zimbra were performed
July ?, 1983 Pier 61 New York NY USA
Private pre-tour run-thru performances
August 1, 1983 Roads Coliseum Hampton VA USA
Half-house arena set-up
August 2, 1983 Civic Center Springfield MA USA AUD Half-house arena set-up
August 3, 1983 Stade Olympique Ampitheater Montreal QC CAN AUD TH opened for The Police
August 5, 1983 Performing Arts Center Saratoga Springs NY USA SBD Tapes often mis-labeled "Aug 3rd"
August 6, 1983 Cumberland County Civic Center Portland ME USA AUD AUD is complete show made from two partial sources
August 8, 1983 Blossom Music Center Cuyahoga Falls OH USA AUD
August 9, 1983 Merriweather Post Pavilion Columbia MD USA AUD
August 11, 1983 Pine Knob Music Theater Clarkston MI USA AUD
August 12, 1983 Kingswood Music Theater Maple ON CAN AUD
August 13, 1983 Stanley Theater Pittsburgh PA USA

August 14, 1983 Poplar Creek Hoffman Estates IL USA AUD
August 16, 1983 Mann Music Center Philadelphia PA USA
originally scheduled for 08/20
August 17, 1983 Mid-Hudson Civic Center Poughkeepsie NY USA
originally scheduled for 08/16, attendance: aprx 3100 tickets sold
August 19, 1983 Tennis Stadium Forrest Hills NY USA AUD Three AUD's circulating (one is partial)
August 20, 1983 Cape Cod Coliseum South Yarmouth MA USA SBD + AUD
August 21, 1983 Tennis Stadium Forrest Hills NY USA AUD + VID Four AUD's circulating, plus one video
August 22, 1983 Coliseum New Haven CT USA AUD
August 25, 1983 Civic Auditorium Omaha NE USA

August 26, 1983 Red Rocks Ampitheater Morrison CO USA AUD Two AUD's circulating (both partial)
August 28, 1983 Compton Terrace Phoenix AZ USA

August 29, 1983 Greek Theatre Los Angeles CA USA AUD (Posters were printed for Aug 28th)
August 30, 1983 Greek Theatre Los Angeles CA USA AUD + VID VID is incomplete & songs out of order
September 1, 1983 Pacific Ampitheater Costa Mesa CA USA AUD Two AUD's circulating (one circulates mis-labeled as Greek Theater LA 08/30)
September 2, 1983 Greek Theater Berkeley CA USA AUD Two AUD's circulating, Reserved Seating
September 3, 1983 County Bowl Santa Barbara CA USA

September 4, 1983 Greek Theater Berkeley CA USA AUD Four AUD's circulating (one circulates mislabled as Greek 09/02) G.A. Seating
[September ? 1983] Santa Cruz Fairgrounds (?) Watsonville CA USA
Planned but cancelled (original Sept 4th?)
September 29, 1983 Hotel Ballroom Plattsburgh NY USA
Band rehearsal "Pull Up the Roots"
September 30, 1983 Fieldhouse, SUNY Plattsburgh NY USA AUD
October 1, 1983 Patrick Gym UVM Burlington VT USA AUD
October 2, 1983 Forum, UMass at Lowell Billerica MA USA AUD
October 4, 1983 Civic Center Providence RI USA AUD Two AUD's circulating, Half-house arena set-up
October 5, 1983 Broome County Arena Binghamton NY USA AUD
October 6, 1983 War Memorial Rochester NY USA AUD
October 8, 1983 Millett Hall, Miami University Oxford OH USA

October 9, 1983 Alumni Arena, Univ. of Buffalo Amherst NY USA AUD Two AUD's circulating (one is partial)
October 10, 1983 Smith Center, GWU Washington DC USA AUD Two AUD's circulating
October 12, 1983 University Hall Charlottesville VA USA

October 13, 1983 Carmichael Auditorium UNC Chapel Hill NC USA

October 14, 1983 Leon County Civic Center Tallahassee FL USA AUD F.S.U "Pow Wow". AUD is partial
October 15, 1983 Municipal Auditorium Nashville TN USA AUD
October 16, 1983 Coliseum Charlotte NC USA

October 18, 1983 Memorial Coliseum, Univ. Kty. Lexington KY USA

October 19, 1983 Fox Theater Atlanta GA USA AUD
October 21, 1983 Municipal Auditorium New Orleans LA USA AUD AUD is partial, original date Oct 29th
October 22, 1983 Sam Houston Coliseum Houston TX USA AUD
October 24, 1983 Convention Center Arena Dallas TX USA

October 25, 1983 Lester E Palmer Auditorium Austin TX USA

November 29, 1983 Silva Hall, Hult Center Eugene OR USA AUD AUD is partial
December 1, 1983 Civic Auditorium Portland OR USA AUD
December 2, 1983 Center Arena Seattle WA USA AUD
December 3, 1983 PNE Coliseum Vancouver BC CAN AUD Two AUD's circulating, "Concert Bowl" half-house set-up
December 5, 1983 Pavilion at ARC, Univ. California Davis CA USA

December 6, 1983 Civic Auditorium San Francisco CA USA AUD AUD is partial
[December 7, 1983] Aladdin Theatre Las Vegas NV USA
Tickets sold, but concert was cancelled
December 8, 1983 Arena Long Beach CA USA AUD + VID
Two AUD's circulating; VID, is last 25 minutes of the 1st Set
December ?, 1983 unknown location (Pantages?) unknown CA USA
Unconfirmed pre-film rehearsal show
December 13, 1983 Pantages Theater Hollywood CA USA
Filmed but none of this night was used
December 14, 1983 Pantages Theater Hollywood CA USA MOVIE
December 15, 1983 Pantages Theater Hollywood CA USA MOVIE Most of the movie is from 12/15 show
December 16, 1983 Pantages Theater Hollywood CA USA AUD Final concert of US tour (not filmed)