1980-81 Setlist

1980 & 1981 - Setlist

The August setlists were a little shorter (see below). For the fall, and into 1981, the setlist was the same from night to night...

Psycho Killer
Warning Sign
Stay Hungry
band intros
I Zimbra
Once In A Lifetime
Houses In Motion
Born Under Punches
Crosseyed And Painless
Life During Wartime
Encore 1: Take Me To The River
Encore 2: The Great Curve

Based on circulating tapes, there were a few variations...

Heatwave & Central Park: missing Drugs, and Animals.
London & Nouget: Love -> Building On Fire replaced Warning Sign.
Lyon: missing Born Under Punches (not sure if that's a tape issue, or song wasn't played at the concert).
Nagoya: missing Animals (not sure if that's a tape issue, or song wasn't played at the concert).

Note: The Dortmund "Rockpop" TV concert contains eight songs (Psycho Killer, Cities, I Zimbra, Once in a Lifetime, Animals, Crosseyed & Painless, Life During Wartime, and The Great Curve). Since TH closed the shows after three opening acts, it's possible they played a shortened set, but there's no proof one way or the other.

Note: The well known Tokyo 1981 recording is an incomplete edited concert, it was edited to fit into a one-hour broadcast slot. The filler found on most of the Tokyo 1981 bootleg discs is from Nijmegen 78 (The Book I Read, and TGWTBWTG) and Milan 82 (Mind).

Ha ha it seems funny to say that Central Park was missing drugs and animals, that was hardly ever the case back in the 80s!  ;)

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