1984 Setlist

Not much is known about the short 1984 festival tour to Australia & New Zealand and no recordings have surfaced...

Although there are numerous eyewitness accounts of the Narara show, all the comments pretty much say "I was wasted" or some variation of that, although one commenter said the show was "like Stop Making Sense, but without the big suit".

The best info comes from a concert review of the Melbourne show from "The Age" newspaper. Pretenders opened the show and TH apparently played one long set. The show appears to have been a shortened version of the SMS show from '83, and duplicated the first set's introduction of one musician per song. 

In a comment that presages the end of TH's touring days, the review ends with this comment: "This was Talking Heads' night. Afterwards, David Byrne was apparently heard to complain about the low standard of the performance. It's hard to imagine what this band is like on a good night."

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