1984...and beyond. Most people think the band stopped touring in 1983 after Stop Making Sense was shot in LA. But there were actually these few early 1984 shows. Read Tina's comments here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2011/aug/04/musicians-worst-gigs

Date Venue City State Country Recording Comment
[January 25, 1984] see note The widely circulated "Nature's Way Milwaukee" bootleg is actually the Stop Making Sense raw-mix out-takes from Pantages 83 that were leaked
January 28, 1984 Narara Festival Somersby AUS TH headlines on this short festival tour
January 30, 1984 Sports & Entertainment Centre Melbourne AUS
January 31, 1984 Sports & Entertainment Centre Melbourne AUS
February 4, 1984 Sweetwaters North Festival Pukekawa NZ
February 6, 1984 Sweetwaters South Festival, QE2 Park Christchurch NZ Tina calls the final show the worst they ever did
Dates Beyond…
July 17, 1989 The Ritz New York NY USA VID David & Jerry joined the Tom Tom Club for the end of their concert
March 18, 2002 R&RHoF Induction Ceremony New York NY USA VID Final performance…….…………………………?