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Why this blog?
The Talking Heads Concert History list started as a way to catalog tapes, then expanded to include information on concerts that were performed by the band while they were touring, between 1975 and 1984.

Where does all this concert information come from?
It was collected from ticket stubs, memorabilia on ebay, posters, old tapes, newspaper articles, concert reviews, college yearbooks, eyewitness accounts, and from all over the weber-tubes.

Is this a tape trading blog? Can I get shows here?
No! There are 100's of sites where you can do that. Get off your butt and get a membership at Dime.

Can I add info about shows I saw?
Yes! We love to receive new info and will update the blog with changes. Please send TH concert dates, ticket stub scans, etc to our email talkingheadsconcerthistoryATgmailDOTcom

How do I read the dates lists?
Each year has its own list. Dates in [brackets] are for shows that did not happen. Dates including ?question marks? refer to incomplete information; these are placed in logical parts of the list, but it's only a guess until we get better info.

Is this thing ever updated?
Yup! Check back because new info is added from time to time and as we receive it. BIG THANKS to all the fans who have generously emailed with new info! Thanks for your contributions! Last update: 09/04/21

What does info in the "Recording" column mean?
Notations refer to known concert recordings that are circulating digitally, either as FLACs or WAVs (CDRs) or MP3s. "AUD" means an audience-made recording, "SBD" means a soundboard recording made from the band's mixing board or PA system, and "FM" means a SBD feed that was broadcast over the radio. "VID" refers to videos, these are generally available on Youtube for viewing.

Hey, I have a tape I wanna play?
If you have a concert tape to add that's not already listed here, please email us and we'll get it digitally transferred. talkingheadsconcerthistoryATgmailDOTcom

Can I copy this info? Can I re-post this info?
Yes, but... Please do not post on any for-pay websites or sites that host advertising. Also please include a link back to this homepage. Thanks!

Hey! that's my pic or video?
Please email us and we'll credit your content, thanks.

Do I wanna learn more about all the TH albums?
Yes, you do. So go here:

How do I work this?
Navigate pages from menu on the right. Sorry, mobile view is disabled (the lists don't fit).