Tape Talk - Matrix


No, not that Matrix (sorry Kanuu). An audio matrix of live recording is made by laying two different sources on top of each other, most commonly, it’s accomplished by combining a Soundboard recording with one made by a fan in the audience with microphones. So while we can’t go back in time (yet) and attend the concert, the matrix mix combines aspects of the dry clean soundboard mix with audience reaction and room dynamics from the show itself.

So far, there’s only one of these in TH-land. We made this one for the Amsterdam 12/11/1980 concert once two great sources surfaced, compliments to madtaper for those. Check it out here:

We’d love to make more of these. Unfortunately, there aren’t many available shows with both Soundboard and Audience source recordings available. The idea is to get one done for the Speaking in Tongues tour from 1983. Complete Soundboards exist for Saratoga 08/05/83 and Cape Cod 08/20/83. If anyone has Audience source recordings for these, please get in touch with us…

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