Tape Talk - Sound-check!


Big thanks to Madtaper for sharing so many great live tapes over the years! Besides the concerts themselves, some interesting bits & pieces surfaced from the recordings, namely, these sound-checks:

De Lantaarn
Rotterdam Netherlands
01 tuning
02 New Feeling
03 Love > Building on Fire
04 Tentative Decisions
05 Take Me to the River
06 David recites setlist after the concert

Mudd Club
New York NY
01 New Feeling
02 Air
03 Heaven
04 Memories Can't Wait
05 Life During Wartime (false start)
06 Life During Wartime

Electric Ballroom
London UK
01 Stay Hungry

Wollman Rink, Central Park
New York NY
01 talk, guitar effects
02 Houses in Motion - part one
03 Houses in Motion - part two
04 The Great Curve
05 Take Me to the River - start
06 Take Me to the River// (tape ends)

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